What is stammering/stuttering?
– Stammering or stuttering refer to the same speech fluency disorder.
– Stammering describes speech which is hesitant, stumbling, tense or jerky.
– Individual’s may repeat whole words or art of words. Examples include m-m-m-mine or can-can-can I have that?
– Individual’s may prolong the first sound in a word, e.g. S——unshine
– Sometimes sounds or words may get completely stuck and nothing comes out for a few seconds. This is called a block.

Will he/she grow out of it?
– Between the ages of 2 and 6 years it is common or children to repeat words an phrases or hesitate when forming a word or sentence.
– Learning to talk is never completely smooth and usually involves some bumps as your child organises new vocabulary, grammar etc. and tries to verbalise a sentence or tell a story.
– Most children will pass through this phase with ease.
– Early intervention for all children showing signs of struggle is imperative to help the individual speak easier and also to prevent negative thoughts and behaviours.

What can you do to help?
– Listen to what the individual is saying not how s/he is saying it.
– Let the individual know that you are interested in what s/he has to say.
– Keep eye contact especially if he/she is struggling.
– Encourage family members to take turns when talking and sharing information at home.
– If the person is aware of the stammer reassure him/her that everyone has difficulty clearly saying words sometimes.

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